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Waiting for my ruca

28 July 1986
Fort Worth
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I'm the shit, what can I say?
adult swim, alcohol, aldous huxley, alkaline trio, america's next top model, andrew w.k., aqua teen hunger force, bad religion, being eclectic, ben kweller, big love, black and white photos, bob dylan, body jewelry, boobs, books, brave new world, caffeine, cameras, camp, catch 22, chapstick, cigarettes, colbie caillat, college football, colorado, conan o'brien, cooking, deadliest catch, deathray davies, deerhoof, diet coke, dollar stores, donnie darko, dropkick murphys, drugs, druids on parade, eagles of death metal, early 90's rap, eisley, el tesoro, entourage, evangelicals, family guy, fat club, feist, flip flops, fountains of wayne, futurama, glitter, grilled cheese, guitar, home movies, homestar runner, horses, hot hot heat, ice road truckers, iced tea, imogen heap, indigo girls, j.r.r. tolkien, jackie brown, jason boland, jason mraz, jenny lewis, kat von d, kevin smith, kids, kissing, kt tunstall, la ink, law and order, lit, local bands, love, lyle lovett, mad caddies, makeup, marilyn monroe, milo and otis, mullet patrol, music, mythbusters, neck kisses, office space, ok go, old 97s, parties, pat green, peter bjorn and john, photography, piercings, pink, political science, politics, pro-choice, puggles, pulp fiction, queens of the stoneage, quentin tarantino, reading, reel big fish, reservoir dogs, ridiculousness, rilo kiley, rise against, rob reiner, robert earl keen, rocking out, rollercoasters, rooney, sarcasm, scrubs, shaggy haired boys, shiny things, shows, silverladder, ska, south park, sparkles, spinal tap, spoon, starlight mints, streetlight manifesto, suburban legends, taking pictures, talking shit, texas, the 1940's, the aquabats, the flaming lips, the fratellis, the hobart, the postal service, the simpsons, the toadies, the velvet teen, the yeah yeah yeahs, thrift stores, tiaras, trainspotting, transcendentalism, trout fishing in america, true romance, vintage, vinyls, violent femmes, volleyball, whole wheat bread, writing